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Do you have a interest in radio communications? If so you are welcome to join us at any of our monthly meetings or one of our field day events, please visit the news page for full details and dates.
 The best way to learn about all aspects of amateur radio is to join your local Radio society. Also, you can find out more about the hobby by listening to radio experimenters talking to each other.
 This can be done with relatively simple equipment and, of course, no licence or radio theory knowledge is required to get started as a listener.
 You can keep up to date with amateur radio by becoming a member of IRTS. The Society's newsletter Echo Ireland, which is posted regularly to all members, includes a full roundup of activities locally and internationally.
 Attending one of the many Rallies that take place around the country provides an opportunity to meet radio experimenters, see what they do and view the type of equipment used to set up an amateur radio station. Rallies also provide a good opportunity to buy new or secondhand equipment.