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ei7dar-Comreg radio eLicensing guide (5 year renewal)

ComReg eLicensing for ANY radio licence….!!

(Not just your Amateur Radio Licence!)



Step 1:

Click on the following link to get into ComReg’s eLicensing page: 


Step 2:

You should be in possession of two thing before logging on; you should have your Account Number and also your PIN (normally each are issued separately) 

You then enter the appropriate details and then click “Login”

Step 3:

If you just want to check your 5 Year Notifications details for your licence, just click the “5 Year Notifications” as shown below.



Step 4:

You will now be presented with the following page showing if your notification is due or else, as in my case, there is no outstanding 5 Year Notification.


Step 5:

If your licence IS due for renewal, it is simply a matter of clicking the “File Return” button (not shown) which will renew your licence immediately.


Step 6:

While you are in your account, why not view your actual licence by clicking the “Licences” tab first, followed by the “View Licences” button as shown below.


Step 7:

This screen will show the current valid licence(s) that are in the Account. If you want to view the actual radio licence, just click the “Details” button as shown.



Step 8:

Finally, should you require a PDF of your licence (for validation of Echolink accounts, or if you are jetting off to Torremolinos with your radios and need proof that you possess a valid Amateur Radio licence), just click the “Download PDF Licence” hyperlink as shown and your licence will automatically download as a PDF that you can save or print out as required.


Step 9:

When you are finished with viewing your eLicencing Account, don’t forget to log out of your account by clicking the “Log Out” link at the top right of the web page!

Step 10:

Have a nice cup of tea!



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